when you fully depress A brake pedal of a vehicle with ABS YOU WILL FEEL?

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Answered: Is life about sharing intimate moments that have a neutered feeling when

I know someone that is like this and they make me feel awful. -> This Chronically miserable idiots who do nothing but bitch and moan about every little thing do not have "pleasureful feelings" because they do not allow themselves to. <- is the only legitimate part of that sentence. It's true. These ...

Answered: Electric brakes trailers When was the first trailer with electric

I belive Detroit Trailer Co. made a trailer with electric brakes in 1922, I have a picture.

Answered: Brake pressure

Rebleed lines on all four wheels.You obviously have air in the line,or possiblible your calibers are not tight .They may have to be readjusted closer

Answered: How much is the fine for violation of vehicle code

California VC 21456b is about pedestrian violation of Walk/Don't Walk; it would cost you $197.

Answered: I have a 1996 grand voyeger van. The abs light ...

Your abs light may indicate to the abs sensor started malfunctioning. The noise on the turns may relate to the suspension problem. Inexpensive abs sensors and other auto parts can be found here: http://pgautosale.com

Answered: Brake Pedal Issue.

Hydraulic brakes have a number of troubles that air brakes do not suffer -- mushy brake pedal, for instance. if your brakes "bleed on application," then your master cylinder is bad, you have a leaky wheel cylinder, or both. In either case, replace the master, all the wheel cylinders, all shoes ...
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Brake pedal problems. Hard pedal feels like it's pushing back?

vacuum booster or vacuum to the booster is what I would look into first