When will tylenol return to store shelves?

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Answered: I need to return an item Thank you Palma

You need to contact the company from which you purchased the item. AOL Answers is not that company. If you name the company, we might be able to find a contact phone or email address, but that's about all.

Answered: Tylenol

seroquel doesn't cause and interactions with tylenol

Answered: How can I execute more than one stored procedure at a time in oracle

If you want to execute one by one, then create a new procedure and call all the procedure inside the new procedure! Or, If you want to execute more than one procedure at the SAME time, create dbms_job schedulers for each procedure and set the run time at same time

Answered: Returning kidney stuff how do i return it. it makesme sick and

Not me. I am a brain surgeon. Got nothing to do with kidneys.

Answered: If you are told to never return to store what are your rights

You have the right never to return to that store. You also have the right to choose not to do really stupid shit that gets you in situations like this. I suggest you take this opportunity to change your ways.
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