when will fda approve gastric balloon?

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Answered: Fda approval

Three-way race between Orexigen Therapeutics Inc (Contrave); Mountain View, Calif.-based Vivus Inc.; and San Diego-based Arena Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Answered: Safety of Natural/Organic Diet Program not yet FDA approved?

Many drugs do not have to be FDA approved. It depends on what classification they fall under. Usually if it is a health food store, choose a manufacturer who has a good reputation. Please visit www.anestheticnews.com You can make contact with me there. cs33ca M.Sc.PharmD.

Answered: Is it possible to manufacture PROBIOTICS on the ...

According to USProbiotics.org, the federal government requires that food and supplement products be labeled in a truthful and not misleading fashion, but this is generally not enforced with regard to product content. FDA actions and warning letters seem to be issued mostly in the case of a food or ...

Answered: I received an email from DOUG HILL OF THE LAISSEZ ...

I suppose leftists will do anything they can to promote hoaxes -- the more insipid and ridiculous, the better. That's why no rational broadcaster will allow leftists on the air -- because leftists just aren't bright enough to hold an audience.

Answered: Medicare approved amount

First you have to crack the Medicare diagnosis coding system as the amount varies depending on the diagnosis code which THEY SAY applies to what was done/is to be done. The doctors and hospitals typically hire billing people who are familiar with the codes applicable to those procedures/tests they ...

Answered: Is green tea FDA approved?

The FDA has not yet approved that the green tea may reduce the risk because there is very little scientific evidence to claim.
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A little bit of both - I think they are being super cautious which sometime means they act stupidly.

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fda has not approved of any natural healing methods, it does not benefit fda's pockets, and if by chance they do get into any natural methods of healing, it is ONLY for BIG Profits. FDA is NOT trustworthy, more-so when it comes to natural methods of healing, more reason to stay clear.