when were fish hooks invented?

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Answered: Which kinds of fish hook should I use for fishing the fishes

For rainbow trout in streams: Morning: I like to yse a 1/0 thin wire hook, load it with either dough balls or salmon eggs, leave at least 2' of line tied directly to the hook, a stop and a sliding sinker less than an ounce. Early afternoon: either flies or deep running jigs with very few feathers ...

Answered: Fishing Hooks

Try a 'Kahle' or 'Croaker' style hook, it's similar to a circle hook but it has a wider gap. They work great for cut, dead, or live bait.

Answered: What are Types of fishing hooks?

Here are a couple more good resources about fish hooks...ENJOY! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fish_hook http://www.jannsnetcraft.com/fishing-hooks/ http://www.bassresource.com/beginner/Fishinghooks.html

Answered: How are fishing hooks chemically sharpened?

The points of each hook are first made with a normal needle grinding method. The wire then goes through all the other stages to make it into a finished hook and it is then heat-treated. After that the hooks go through a process in which a chemical attacks the surface. The thinner parts of the wire ...

Answered: How does a fisherman know what size fish hook

This would depend on one or more of the following: What type of fish you are fishing for. The bait you will be using. The conditions of the water. If the fish are biting.

Answered: Are barbed hooks harmful to fish?

Let's say you’re practicing catch and release, backing a barbless hook out of a trout’s mouth is far less harmful than the tearing of mouth and jaw tissue which commonly occurs when using barbed hooks. Also, since hook removal is so much easier with barbless hooks, it requires much less handling of ...
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Do fish hooks dissolve in a fishes stomache

It actually depends on how big and the material use on in, but it would take really long time before it happens.

Hook Size

By the size of the mouth of the fish they are fishing for. The hook has to be small enough for the fish to bite it along with the bait. If it is too large, no fish, they will just eat the bait and swim away. It is usually better to go smaller than larger and a large fish will swallow a small hook ...

Largest Hook Size

the larger hook would be a size 2

I live near this pond that is about 10-15ft deep ...

I don't know why they aren't hitting your lures. You seem to be trying your best. My all-time favorite lure is a plastic worm fished as slow as I can and a little twitch along with that. If I'm fishing clear-water ponds, I start off with green pattern worms. Darker water - purple. I don't know if ...