when was pauley perrette in playboy?

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Answered: What would the frist 3 years of playboy [ all 36 books ] be worth

The first issue is the one collectors want. google it and see if somebody has listed a price for one.

Answered: Miley Cyrus on Playboy

U better shutup because she isnt bad!!!!!

Answered: Vienna wants to do Playboy

I agree with domino on this one. I'm not really surprised.

Answered: Value of a Playboy Magazine Collection??

I have colllection from 60's through 90's. If anyone wants to purchase, contact me @ cjoyner5@hotmail.com
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When was the first Playboy Magazine published and by whom?

Hugh Hefner incorporated his publishing company in October and published the first mag in December. You can check on FAQ's on the Playboy enterprises website: http://www.playboyenterprises.com/home/content.cfm?content=t_template&packet=00017B97-9135-1C72-8FEA8304E50A010D&artTypeID=00025AAE-7EF7 ...

Kimberly Bell on Playboy at 38

the oldest Playmate of the Month? The oldest Playmate of the Month, officially, was Cindy Brooks, April 1985; 33 and a half. More recently, according to a tell-all interview by an ousted playmate, the oldest PotM was 36, in the mid-1990s. And yes, according to her, every Playmate must sleep with Hef ...

Costume made like original playboy bunny

I found the halloween costume you're looking for here: Playboy Bunny Costume