when to spay cockapoo puppy?

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Answered: Why is it healthy to have your 7 month old puppy spayed?

I always take care of it. Give it full freedom whatever it does. Give him timely food as well.

Answered: I have a 3 year old dog and have just got a puppy when should i have the

I think you should consult a vet if you need to spaye a new puppy . Just to be on the safe side.

Answered: Spaying after birth of puppies

I believe it is possible to spay her after the puppies have been weened off of her milk, however, I recommend contacting your vet to confirm this.

Answered: One aspect of puppy care is grooming, which ...

The sooner you start getting your puppy desensitized to baths, the better. A puppy 8 -10 weeks old is old enough to be bathed. That does not mean you have to use shampoo. It could be nothing more than helping them learn to relax in a tub of warm water, while you simply pour the water all over ...

Answered: Do all puppy listen to the word no?

Hi Aika! Puppies have really short attention spans so be patient but keep reinforcing what you Do want and what you DONT want your puppy to do and dont do. Dont confuse him. When he does something right or that you ask of him, be sure to praise him! When he does something wrong dont ever punish the ...

Answered: Spay Abbey or not?

My dog Cricket was spayed severial years a go. We have had no problems with mood, diet or activity. Your vet is right, This is what is best for Abby. Besides as a care giver and not just a pet owner, You seem to have Abbys best intrest at heart. Their are way too many unwanted puppies and kittens in ...
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What care is needed after being spayed?

After a cat is spayed it will need to kept in an "closed area" - inside: such as a bathroom or small room or best - in a cage for several days. This is so you can keep an easy watch on the animal and place a neck collar on it - if the cat starts to lick or pull at the stitches.. Also being in a ...

Spaying dogs

I am not a vet, but have worked in the veterinary field for many years. To answer the question "Can a dog in heat be spayed?". Yes, she can be spayed even while in heat, but most veterinarians would prefer to wait til she is at least 8 weeks post-estrus. While she is in heat, the blood flow to ...

Why the heck should i get my "inside" cats spayed?

Because if you don't they will start to pee around your home to let the males know where they are at,then the males will start to spray aroundthe out side of your home.Not to mention all the howling that will go on.Good-luck

Lots of puppies

I have never had to potty train more than one puppy at a time before. I don't know how easy it would be. I think that you need to start by putting down puppy mats. The ones that are like daiper pads.