when to put out a finch feeder?

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Answered: Moving finch eggs

I was told that you CAN move finch eggs, however you MUST place them in the new nest EXACTLY as they were in the old nest.

Answered: Squirrel Feeder?

Rose, Yes you can get them online at Duncraft and Best Nest.com, they have tons of stuff for squirrels ans food for them they love peanuts that squirrels love and blocks that you can put in the feeders that have sunflower seeds and corn and peanuts, I have three feeders, and I love watching them ...

Answered: My finch keeps eating her eggs, and i found out ...

Give the bird calcium pills so she doesn't keep eating her eggs.

Answered: What other birds that eat from hummingbird feeders

Hi Janice, Yes sure other birds feed on it too..... they simply don't know that you mean to feed only hummingbirds..... In my garden a whole lot of other birds feed on it (I even saw green parrots enjoying a free meal). IT depends where do you live (in terms of weather / climate) to tell you who ...

Answered: I would like to know where I can buy a pair of owl finches in Indiana

Try searching on www.insiderpages.com to find a place. Good luck!
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they do this when they want to mate

Hummingbird feeder and bees

Put Vaseline in a thin layer around around the part where the Hummingbirds feed from. This really works for me . Hope this helps!

Ants and hummingbird feeders

Do not use any insecticides like a garden spray for insects. They could be harmful to hummingbirds. The greatest and natural way to repel ants from hummingbird feeder that I have found is to use an "Ant Mote". It is a plastic reservoir which is filled with water and hung above the feeder. This ...