when the position of the mass is farthest from the equilibrium position, what is the relative velocity of the mass?

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If you were NOT on the clock - then it cannot be termed 'work related.' If you are a 'salaried' employee rather than an hourly wage employee - that might be another story. Your Company's Liability Insurance would kick in.

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Yes, Tachyons travel FTL, and wormholes allow jumps giving effective FTL travel. Quantum rounding errors similar to those allowing Hawking radiation to escape Black Holes should allow jumps from regular to tachyon universes.

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PR is a the art of creating goodwill about the company among the public through non paid forms of communications like online promotions, press releases and campaigns. They also help in maintaining mutual understanding between the firm and public. For more detailed view.refer: http://www ...

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