when should i turn on my humidifier on my furnace?

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Answered: What are the advantages of a hot air furnace

I offer my congratulations on your perceptiveness.

Answered: Humidifier

If your humidifier boils the water, the salt will not get into the air. There are other kinds that could get droplets of salt water. I'm not sure what health benefits you would get from salt. Salt water is corrosive; it will damage metal.

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I had smoke coming from my unit once but thank God I was wearing asbestos underwear at the time.

Answered: How do you turn on cookies on a compputer

Start - Control Panel - Internet Options - Security Tab - I would Select - Reset all zones to Default Level ----------- Next Privacy Tab - Setting - Medium. It's your choice of how strict you want your settings. -------------- For Internet Explorer you can also go to Tools at the top if you have ...

Answered: Air blows even after furnace shuts off?

If you tun off your air conditioning unit , it is normal to blow some air for second or about a minute. If you see more other from that, call immediately for a technician.

Answered: Gas furnace that will not stop running. Thermostat set at 70 degrees and

It is possible that the thermostat has already turned off, but the blower keeps running for a few minutes until the furnace cools down and isn't giving warm air any more.
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thank you, HVAC expert, I see the pilot it sparks and lit up and get the full flame it stays about a minute or less on but when the blower start it goes off and all I have is cool air. I replace the board the valve, I gues I have to do the thermocouple do you think. thanks again