when should i turn on my humidifier on my furnace?

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Answered: What are the advantages of a hot air furnace

I offer my congratulations on your perceptiveness.

Answered: Gas furnace that will not stop running. Thermostat set at 70 degrees and

It is possible that the thermostat has already turned off, but the blower keeps running for a few minutes until the furnace cools down and isn't giving warm air any more.

Answered: How do I turn off my PC?

I don't know. Why should I know how you turn your PC off? Me? I do it from the start menu or press the power button on the tower.

Answered: Air blows even after furnace shuts off?

If you tun off your air conditioning unit , it is normal to blow some air for second or about a minute. If you see more other from that, call immediately for a technician.

Answered: Why wont the fan on the compressor turn off after i have turned off the

There might be an electrical problem with the fan. I'd contact a technician in your area to come take a look at the problem.
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It would be best to get a pro HVAC tech to handle your problem. If you're determined to DIY it, sometimes the flame sensor gets a buildup of combustion byproducts (like soot) or even a small amount of corrosion. Carefully remove the sensor, polish it with some very fine grit emery cloth or paper ...

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thank you, HVAC expert, I see the pilot it sparks and lit up and get the full flame it stays about a minute or less on but when the blower start it goes off and all I have is cool air. I replace the board the valve, I gues I have to do the thermocouple do you think. thanks again

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24 years is a pretty good run for any machine ! I'd retire it before it dies !