when should I neuter my maltipoo?

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Answered: Why are testicles removed on animals for neutering instead of just

but why do the testicles have to be removed instead of cutting the tubes like in humans. does it have to do with hormones or some other medical reason

Answered: Why should I get my shih tzu neutered?

Unless you plan on breeding him, you should have him neutered. For one, it does calm them down and they tend to stay home better, for two...the world is over populated with animals. Love Shih Tzu's. Congrats on such a cute doggie:)

Answered: My Cat is still spraying after being Neutered!

I wanted to say "could not" in my answer. I apologize for that.

Answered: My female dog is 7 years old is she to old to get neutered?

If my dog is 10 years old is it to late to get him neutered?

Answered: For how long after a dog is neutered can he still ...

No I don't want to breed him. But there is a dog in heat and I want to be 100% sure that if he was just (within a week) neutered he cannot impregate her. I was told it can sometimes take 6-8 weeks for there to be 100% certainty there is no sperm left.

Answered: 5 year old neutered pitt wa.

Yes he can, all neutering does is stop the male from fetilising the female.
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I adopted my cat, he is about 10 years old and has just shown signs of

I understand your concern about neutering your cat now. As cats get older, it gets riskier. This is because of the anasethsia. However, ten years old is not old enough yet to worry about that. You can speak to your vet about your concerns, but he will prob tell you not to worry. That said, I ...

Male dog neutering

You don't need to do much. I think the vet will tell you to keep the area with the stitches as clean as possible (trying not to let the dog lick the stitches). I hope this answers your question.

Neutered and spayed kittens behavior

I wish I could get neutered. I see ladies getting tired of guys asking them for sex. Guys think all ladies going to put out for any guy.... huh, ladies

Is it normal for my cat not to urinate after being neutered.

no it is not normal he could have FUS feline urinary syndrom it"s caused by too much ash in the cat food dry food has more than canned. A cats uretha is L-shaped and the ash crystalizes and blocks the flow of urine. call your vet asap.