When referring to hard drives, access time is measured in what?

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Answered: Hard Drive Recovery London?

London Recovery Drive Hard

Answered: 1TB external hard drive can't be opened since the unexpected power

maybe formatting can get your drive normal to use, and yet files will be lost. you can use data recovery software to rescue files first and then try formatting the drive. http://www.eassos.com/how-to/recover-data-from-portable-hard-drive.php

Answered: Can aomeone here help me perform partition recovery?

formatting wipes files, but it can make partition normal to use. for your situation, you have to retrieve files first with partition recovery software, and then perform formatting to the problem partition. there are quite a lost partition recovery programs on the Internet, you can try some ...

Answered: How do I back up my files without a dvd/cd drive

I haven't used CDs for nearly three years. I always backup files to different hard drives or USB drives, such as external hard drive, USB flash drive. files can just be copied to target drive or backed up to an image file. http://www.eassos.com/blog/?p=557

Answered: Where is recycle bin stored on hard drive in Vista

Dunno, have you tried doing a search?That might bring up the location.
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Used hard drives

Yes you can use a used hard drive from one computer in to another computer in case you want to use this hard drive as a bootable hard Drive then format it and install the os in it again

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I got a laptop computerwith the number you gave me will help me to get duck drive

How to retrieve hard drive?

Laptop or Desktop ? Power off first. For most desktops you take the side off. After that it depends on the manufacturer of how the hard drive comes out. What laptops I've used their is a panel on the back and the hard drive slides away from the connection. It's best to get help, unless your ...

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not exactly