when is the yard sale that is on hwy 101 from moulton to tennessee line?

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Answered: Do i need a yard sale permit in West Friendship MD?

The information you need should be a simple phone call to City Hall and the best way to find your answer. alexis Laws vary by county, city and state . . . even the police department should be able to answer your question or give you the phone number that you need. The phone numbers will be listed ...

Answered: Need date of this yard sale

If you are talking about the world's Longest Yard Sale . It's the highway 127 yard sale and takes place the first weekend in August that should cross through your route. The sale is 675 Miles long and ends in Hudson, Michigan and starts down in Gadsden, Alabama! August 5-8th 2010

Answered: My phone lines are down

AOL Answers is not your phone provider. You have to tell the phone company.

Answered: City wide yard sales

The city wide yard sale in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma will be on Sat. September 19th. The web site for this event is located at: http://www.woofcreekba.com hope to see you there, I go every year. Rick

Answered: Where is Cachumba Tennessee

Do not know........

Answered: Is there going to be a New Castle Indiana Rt40 ...

It was held in June. http://www.oldstorefrontantiques.com/yardsale.htm
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