when is the senate hearing pork barrel?

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Answered: Origins of Pork Barrel

As we saw with Marx, Stalin, Pol Pot, and Ho Chi Minh, leftists always lie to cause the greatest damage to other people. Leftists have always done so because of their all-consuming bitterness and the fact that they never bother to investigate the lies they are force fed. It remains on them for all ...

Answered: Obama's spending & earmark pork barrels getting out of hand?

A bear craps anywhere it want to .Just like King Obama

Answered: Pork barrels raising debt

The usual anti Obama Schick above aside. All bills in the USA have pork in them including the only one passed so far this year because our wonderful representatives in DC have been on vacation, the tax bill. Things like tax breaks for owning a NASCAR track or growing algea in a tank.

Answered: Please be advised that the term, “hearing impaired ...

Amen amen i am deaf myself! I do not enjoy this terminology because my being impaired is much different from others. For instance, i can do anything as you do except my hearing. I can read the communication 20 blocks away from my spot, can you? Gotta? --deafacts2414

Answered: Pork,pork and more pork...

I'm not sure I understand what you mean. Can you clarify?
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