when is a pail not a pail?

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Answered: Diaper pail

diaper pails aren't really the way to go in my opinion. You should look for the diaper genies its much more effective odorwise.

Answered: Do you know anything about the BACINIacoustica ...

Your lucky I can't even get mine to work in the first place. I can get it to work when it is plugged in but how do you get it to work when on batteries? I put the batteries in and turned it on but nothing happened, no lights or anything.

Answered: How much does a 5 gal pail of gravel weigh?

Depends on fine-ness of gravel -55-75 pounds

Answered: What does this quote say it doesnt matter how many pails of milk you

It is conveying a sense of irresponsibility. Spilled milk does no one any good, even if the source is still there. I would paraphrase this thusly- Don't cry over losing lottery tickets as long as Mapco is still open and selling them.

Answered: They made her late for dinner? They should serve ...

If Obama hosted a dinner, I would not attend it at all. No one with any self respect would.

Answered: I make handcrafted bath soap and the company I've ...

Here is a great place to look as well. http://www.costaricaoutwardbound.org/courses/ I hope that helps you with your answer.
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