when i'm right i'm right when i'm wrong i could have been right i'm wrong so i'm still right?

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Answered: What are my rights

They might have had problems before with graduation parties where there was underage drinking, even if they didn't provide the liquor. Or maybe with loud parties. Maybe it's racist - would most of the guests be black? You could try asking for the manager of the Holiday Inn. But maybe the manager ...

Answered: Unethical / Illegal Actions by Mineral Rights Leasing Companies

In communist countries, people have no rights to land including mineral exploration. In Muslim countries, people are born into castes from which they cannot escape. Federal law protects the elderly here. Leftists are all such liars.

Answered: Wrongful dismissal case

Better to tackle it and not let them get away with it because it will follow you, not them

Answered: We know is wrong and we do the wrong, why?

We don't fear the consequences

Answered: What is the best way to teach a young child the differences between right

Usually when teaching a child between right and wrong, you have to make the child aware of the consequences of what is wrong and the benefits of what is right. Almost always, wrong is bad, either physically in that it hurts, or mentally in that is causes anquish, guilt, grief, etc. Doing what is ...
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How to make a wrong a right?

chad Edward hatten

Rental rights

Generally, if after repeated attempts to get a problem resolved, the landlord doesn't do the required repair or fix the problem, you are allowed to place your money in a designated escrow account. It must be a seperate account set up solely for that purpose. You must inform management of your ...

My husband passed away 3 yrs. ago in Feb. Friend ...

Hi Judy, ----------- No, it's perfectly OK and very understandable, however, it's a delicate / sensetive situation. The only question is if that man really changed his mind or is it a nice way to break the relations.... If he really feels that way, better be smart and sensetive and "help" him ...