when i plug headphone jack into motorola atrix hd nothing happens?

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Answered: Headphone

Sounds like there is a problem. You might be better off just buying new headphones rather than trying to fix the ones you have now.

Answered: Can I connect a headphone to the regular T.V set which doesn't have a

Yes--Either buy an Airhead Headphone amp from headphone.com (I think that's the vendor) and then plug any pair of headphones into the amp. Alternatively, you could buy a pair of Sony infrared wireless headphones and hook those up via the male headphone output. I've done this for many years.

Answered: Why dont my head phones work when I plug them in to the output rca jack

Assuming that your audio and video lines are correctly connected, it could be a problem with the hardware itself! I had the same problem myself, and had to return 2 phones (the third worked). Check compatability with your operating system!! It couldl be a compatability problem. Good luck!

Answered: How to get Headphone and TV sound functioning together

There are "audio out" (red and white) RCA jacks on almost every television. Hook up a headphone amplifier like the bithead (visit headphones.com) and then plug a pair of headphones that have volume control built in (there are many, I can even sell you one of my pairs). This is a relatively easy ...

Answered: How to connect my cordless headphones to my new Vizio TV?

You need to buy an adapter RCA to Stereo .

Answered: Which headphone is better 1.The Creative ep-550 or 2.The Altec Lansing

These two models seem like they aren't that different from one another. I think you won't be sorry no matter which one you go with since these are two good companies that make good equipment.
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