When God is for you, he's more than the world against you?

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How sad and lonely is the leftist Muslim Atheist posters life. He post 20 hours a day and then posts on questions that nobody has been on in months and years. This is not what a normal person does.

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July 16, 1945

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He call in an airstrike. Doesn't it suck when people don't want to do your homework for you?

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My goodness, you do seem to be absolutely obsessed with me for some reason. Do you really believe Jesus approves of the way you misuse his name?
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There is a god. Yahweh. From a human perspective, there are accidents. From a divine perspective, GOD grants us free will and very often does not intervene when we make bad choices. Should the engineer have made the free rider buy a ticket? I would think so.

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I can see a few problems with the proposed "one world order." It would be unaccountable, there would be no checks or balances to maintain the fair treatment of the people, and it would be so corrupt that no one would get anything done. Human frailty being what it is, the idea is truly frightening ...

If noone Belived In God how do you think the World Will Be today?

The bad things will happen. The worl wiil be No limits for human actions because there are religions that permit certain types of actions and forbid specific types of actions... I like this book: No One Sees God: The Dark Night of Atheists and Believers . It is an excellent book presenting both a ...


Yes, there can be instant arrest if an officer observes a crime, or has probable cause to believe that a person committed a crime. For example, if there is a fight in a bar, and police are called, and someone says "that's the person who punched me," the police can make an arrest.