When Excel follows the order of operations, the formula, 8 * 3 2, equals?

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Answered: Excel, Formulas

=SUMPRODUCT(--(B1:B10="2009"),--(C1:C10="3rd")) will give you all the cells that match this criteria make sure that 1 and 10 match the start and end of each column

Answered: Excel Formulas

Here is a list of commonly used formulas and what they mean, click here . I hope this helps.

Answered: What is the noun form of equal

The singular is "equal". A Navy commander is the equal of a lieutenant colonel.

Answered: Trio Stealth G2 tablet operation system setup work.

Tablets almost all use Microsoft Surface operating system. It differs from Windows as it has "cloud" support, but nothing else. Note that Tablets are severely limited to photos, video, and texting, but have scant little if any business or engineering use. Hence, Tablets are not a wise ...

Answered: Excel Formula

Or more simply!! =IF(Completion!C11<>"",CONCATENATE(Completion!A12," - ",Completion!C12," ",Completion!D12,", ",Completion!E12),"") Regards Mark

Answered: Excel forumla, IF and SUM

Easiest way is to have a table with E, S & W as headers. Then use the sumif function to add up the spend for each. e.g E1 = E, F1 = S & G1 = W. In E2 enter =sumif(E:E,E1,D:D) this basically says look in column E, find what is in cell E1("E") and then sum up the corresponding value in column D. Add ...
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