when does a german shepherd penis size maturity?

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Answered: I have a 11 week old German Shepherd over here in ...

what i do with my dog is i make him look at me and stay by my side and he is potty trained

Answered: I have heard a lot of violent stories about German ...

Dogs are like kids, bring 'em up right, they'll be fine --- don't train 'em, they'll train you, usually with unpleasant results.

Answered: What are some different things I could train my ...

G. Shepherds are a working breed, find a dog club in your area & take the dog thru a novice obedience class --- and work up the scale to advanced class---- the dog will love it. Practice the exercises a 1/2 hour in the am, then 1/2 hour in the pm, never NEVER get angry with the dog, end each session ...

Answered: German Sherpherd Problem

Have you had him checked out by his veterinarian to make sure there is not a physical cause for his behavior? If so (and he's received a clean bill of health), then you need to think hard about your dog's surroundings (both inside and out). Something has changed and it disturbs his equilibrium ...

Answered: I'm not sure if my shepherd has the EPI or not ...

I'm sorry to hear about your dog. I recommend taking him to a SPCA owned veterinary hospital. They will find out what's wrong and will let you worry about the payment later. First thing's first is getting your boy back to good health. Good luck.

Answered: Penis size of young movie stars

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Cool name choice - I've had 2 GSDs named Chase in the past. If you ever need any other German Shepherd names check out our names page at: http://www.total-german-shepherd.com/germanshepherdnames.html

Teaching a puppy basics?

Never let a dog on your chairs or bed or sofa. The dog should stay on the floor. The dog should eat only after you have eaten. The dog should be on a leash when walking, and try to keep it next to you or behind you. Do not let the dog lead. After a while, the dog will understand you are the alpha ...

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