when do you think kobe bryant will pass the point total of michael jordan, assuming no injuries?

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Answered: Who is your favorite Basketball team and player ...

now in year 2011 my favorite team is still chicago bulls but my favorite player is derick rose

Answered: Kobe bryant shoes?

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Answered: Who do you think is better? Kobe Bryant or LeBron ...

I don't really think that shaq would really help lebron. shaq is now old and his best years was when he was a lakers and a heat. Lebron is a good player that needs a good teammate to win. Even if kobe have more rings i think Lebron is now better than Kobe. Please go to group gifts ideas

Answered: Kobe Bryant - all time scoring leader?

if he stays healthy he'll deff beat jordan

Answered: What's your reaction to Kobe Bryant's fine?

I believe it was in the heat of the moment....If it was a nobody,it wouldn't be no big deal.
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Michael jordan shoes?

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Happy New Year all Sports Junkies. My question: Why did Kobe change from

Kobe changed his number to 24 because that was the number he began his high school career with. But, back in high school, he changed his number to 33, out of repsect for his father Joe "Jellybean" Bryant, who also wore number 33 while in high school. But, when Kobe reached the NBA, he couldn't wear ...

Kobe Bryant Wins MVP

He really deserves the award. Kobe is a good player and he can help his team win against other team. He has his best season ever better than Lebron James who is still a rising star and other players too. Kobe is one of the hall of fame. I surely guarantee that. please go to group gifts ideas