when do wild mushrooms come out?

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Answered: How can you tell if wild mushrooms are safe to eat?

If you are serious about it, then: 1) Get a book. Audubon Field Guide to Mushrooms of North America is a good start. 2) Get in touch with a mycologist or a local mycological society. There are several in the US. Go to NAMA (North American Mycological Association) page; they have a listing of them ...

Answered: Beautiful RED mushroom

i lived in the new england area for many years ma around the gardner area and found several of these in fields and mowed areas. as you know the bright red indicates danger!! i looked them up but i cannot remember the name but if ingested they will cause respiratory failure and nerve damage!! they ...

Answered: I opened a packet of mushrooms and found a mushroom with two stems and

Medtrivia gave you a good and accurate answer; not sure of the rareity of these, because I have come across plenty in time. Safe to eat. Have no fear. Do not go out mushroom picking however, as you don't know the difference between safe and not safe mushrooms. God Bless, Teresa

Answered: Which Oscar Wilde character stayed young as his picture aged?

The Picture of Dorian Grey Source: http://oscarwilde.co/stories/the-picture-of-dorian-gray

Answered: Is it possible to use mushrooms as fertilizer?

It would be an interesting idea, and I will check into this more..Can't see why not.. S G 5/26

Answered: Morel mushrooms help

Dont know about Scotland ?,but all the IMMOREL Mushrooms are at AIG , Citicorp ...GM.....
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Dog ate mushroom poision or not

No it is not...I myself am actually quite jealous of your dog, as this mushroom cooked well is quite good. It is known to go upward of 20$ a pound in my area (NW ohio). Where are you from that you have this wonderful food this time of year.(It is out of season and impossible to find here now this ...

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I tryed to find some3years ago at gomers liquors where I had found some the year before. They told me in aug 06 the company was out of business, and they didn't think I would find any anywhere. I called all around the Kansas City area that summer with no luck. Like everyone else said, if I knew it ...