when do we turn our clocks back for daylight fall savings time in nc?

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Answered: Be grateful for Daylight Savings Time. Most ...

Obviously, we saved that daylight fior a reason. One day we will have a need for all the daylight we can get!

Answered: Like or dislike Daylight Saving Time?

I like the daylight times,one beautiful noon.

Answered: How can a battery run clock self change the time when daylight savings

The same way your cell phone does. It is a wireless signal.

Answered: Which countries do not have daylight savings time?

One of the really good posters had made a suggestion that it would make it cheaper and a good move if the Main land of the States all kept the same time. Sweet G

Answered: How does my alarm clock know when it's daylight saving time?

Most clocks do not change with daylight saving time; they need to be set manually, remembering "spring forward, fall back". There are a few clocks that will synchronize with government broadcast time signals. Your computer can get the time over the Internet from time.nist.gov for example. Some ...
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