when do u plant cucumbers in pa?

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Answered: Pickled cucumber

Lido is correct. High salt can make you retain water which increases your weight. High salt intake can also cause increased blood pressure/headaches. Julie

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Answered: What pest or bug chews cucumber plants at the bottom near the dirt line

Cucumber beetles would be your bandit. I combat mine using neem oil. It's an organic pesticide that you mix with water and spray on the leaves. The pesticide malathion, s mentioned in the previous post, could be used, but I prefer not to poison my family.

Answered: Bitter cucumbers

I don't think you can. Bitter cucumbers are late in the season and should not reach the shops but some places don't have effective quality control. In season cucumbers should not be bitter.
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A lot of problems for you especially being that you had to ask the question here.

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I don't have an answer about your plants, but if you go to "PAllenSmith.com", I am sure you can get a perfict answer to help u.

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I would not prune them. As the summer goes on, these branches are the ones to have blossoms and give squash. I once had only one cucumber plant, but it was the most faithful and productive cucumber I ever had. It gave me new cucumbers every week. It was the longer branches that gae cukes later in ...