when do dogwood trees go dormant?

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Answered: Exposed dogwood tree roots

Is it safe to coer expose tree roots with pebbles, within a dry creek bed?

Answered: I am trying to clone a Dogwood tree so I can plant it when I move. Any

Pull a good healthy limb ( small ) off all the way to its root in a larger limb. Dig a hole about 2 ft. deep and about 18" diameter. Bury the root end into mulch, rich soil and fertilizer. Water generously. Don't pack soil too tightly. If necessary insert a wooden stake beside the sprout ...

Answered: What color is a maple tree under the bark. Some ...

There is more than one flavor of maple tree.

Answered: Dogwood azalea plant what sun / shade exposure and is it cared for like

I don't know if this will answer your question or not,i live here in vermont and we have 5 large azalea bushes,we've had them for years,don't know if there dogwood or not,but they love all the sun they can get,the soil is a little acidy,but the base of the bushes is real woody,they are beautiful ...

Answered: Azaela plants Can azaela plants survive ...

http://ezinearticles.com/?Tips-For-Planting-Azaleas-Perfectly&id=472484 Planting under pines (They love it) http://www.seedsofknowledge.com/pines.htm

Answered: How long could wood worms be dormant?

If there are any eggs left they would have to be from a recent period of time. Its not possible for eggs to stay dormant for a long time without dying or developing.
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