when did Daryl Hall become a Christian?

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Answered: A true Christian reminder regarding the upcoming heathen "holidays"

Ask Reverend Cooper about the altar boys he fondled or the stable of hookers he ran out of the Greyhound station and he'll change his question to something stupid. Just watch. He does it every time.

Answered: Christianity ?

This TrueIowan clown is either a comedian or seriously mentally ill.

Answered: Christians: your opinion and critique of this movie is needed

No rational person buys the ridiculous games of frauds like Tadpole-Cooper. Talk about the unbelievable stupidity of leftists. Oh well, everyone needs to have someone to laugh at -- Muslim and atheist clowns are ideal targets for hopeless ridicule ...

Answered: True Christian brethren, here's a testament to the work that we all do

Cooper was a member of the Manson Family and then joined Jim Jones at The Peoples Temple.

Answered: What Christians know about UFOs and "aliens"

Once I stopped at Rosswell, NM, for a glass of tea and some lunch. They had a special that day, broasted chicken. Edna brought it out. I looked at one piece, turned it over repeatedly, and tried to figure out what it was. A back? Neck? Suspicious looking brown something that died from natural ...
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