when chapter 13 does not work, what do you do?

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Answered: How long does the Chapter 7 bankruptcy process ...

Usually, once the bankruptcy papers are officially filed, it takes a month or two, depending upon the courts to set a date at which one will appear. At the time of the court date, providing all papers are in order, the court will declare one bankrupt. This is then the end of most but not all ...

Answered: If i filed chapter 13,with credit card ,medical ...

I would say yes. Make sure you are not behind on your mortgages and value your home on your schedule A above the mortgages, by no more than the exemption amount in your state.

Answered: If you work a nine hour day how long should your lunch break be?

Legally, it must be at least 30 minutes. Past that, it depends on the employer.

Answered: Chapter 13 payments

If you are asking if your chapter 13 payments are tax deductible, the answer is 'no'. You are merely paying your bills. However, normal tax deductions apply --- such as the interest on a mortgage. So if part of that monthly payment goes to paying your mortgage, then the portion of the mortgage ...

Answered: I have a credit card with my bank . we are doing chapter 7. can they take

If you have a credit card with the same bank, it is advisable to get the funds out of your bank account and transfer it to another bank account, because they can go after your funds. I have heard this from several people, who have the same situation that you are in. Good luck.

Answered: I filed chapter 13 which included a personal loan ...

It all depends, was the lien holder also insured under your policy, If not the check would be made only to you if you are only payee. Try to call the lender and deal with them. They may release the car since it was not the purchase money.
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