when can i play golf after rotator cuff tear surgery?

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Answered: What would happen if I accidentally fall after rotator cuff surgery

Since we aren't psychic and have no idea where you fell, what part of your body you fell on, how bad a fall you took or any other pertinent information it's impossible to answer. With the lack of info given you could have no problem, a minor problen or a major problem.

Answered: What to do for a tear in rotator cuff?

If you have been diagnosed w/a torn rotator cuff - then your physician should have already scheduled you for appointments w/a physical therapist. Many times, physical therapy & exercising can help repair it - then - other times, surgery is recommended - depending on how serious the injury is.

Answered: Rotater cuff surgery

As you can imagine, not all rotator cuff repairs are alike. Sometimes the surgery is much more extensive in terms of the number and importance of structures repaired. Typically your surgeon will release you for full duty work or return to sport after six months, but this might be extended ...

Answered: Non repairable rotator cuff tear i had shoulder ...

Sandra, hi how are you doing this morning? i have had 4ops on left shoulder ,hurtarm falling off truck (i drove a car hauler from Detroit to san francisco)in 1994. Every day my shoulder hurts,it depends on what i do to wrong how bad it hurts matters is your frame of mind. I hope your shoulder STOPS ...

Answered: Rotator cuff tear, can it heal or is surgery the only alternative

One of the main problems is your occupation, as hairstyling is shoulder height and above as well as repetitive in nature. The surgery should not be thought of as a "fix" as there can be significant post-surgical difficulties. If you have a significant bone spur that is slowly sawing through your ...

Answered: Honeycomb golf clubs. full set are the worth saving???

how much is a full set of honey comb golf clubs worth?????
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Take rest. Give some time to heal. You can ask more to a surgeon in https://www.needstreet.com/s/ask-a-question#generalsurgeons-bangalore

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