When a heavy snow falls on a stick built conventional, no truss roof, collar ties between rafters are under?

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Answered: Roofing option

You can go for vegetable (green) or metallic roofing. Best thing about green roofing is that they not only escalate beauty of your house but also they are environment friendly. I would also like you to visithttp://www.choiceroofcontractors.com/commercial-roofing-services/ for best suggestion ...

Answered: What is stew sticks?

This is stwo sticks.

Answered: Roof Truss Design

Teddy- Can this be done if the house is on a slab? if so, how is the water and DWV handled? That does sound nifty. Thanx. JayR

Answered: Snow Coating RV roof cost?

You can "snowcote" your own roof. All they are doing is taking a bucket of White Acrylic roof coating and applying it to your roof. Properly installed, a gallon of coating will cover apr. 100 square feet of roof.

Answered: How to install metal roof?‎

Installing metal roof involve a huge investment. So, one should be careful. Choice roof contractor provide quality roofing services. You must check http://www.choiceroofcontractors.com/how-to-get-commercial-roofing-jobs/ Here you will get detail information about installing roofing.

Answered: Most beautiful Roof

There are different types of roofs. Some of them are as follow:Mansard roof, Saltbox, Pyramid roof, Bonnet roof, Flat roof, Hip roof. Cross Gabled roof, Arched roof etc. For more details about roofing you can visit http://www.choiceroofcontractors.com/contractor-network/
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I never heard and seen one of it. Roofing san Antonio