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Wheatgrass uses in Children?

Is Wheatgrass safe for children to take? If so what amounts for what ages. I am looking for something to help build immune systems and give energy. They act tired and unmotivated. I have auto imune issues so have been lloking at wheat grass. Also is it oke to mix wheat gras in smooties to make it more palatible?

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Hey jennie!

In regards to your children, let me ask you this. Do you feed them processed foods- snack cakes, chips, pop, etc? This would be the first thing to do in helping them to feel better. ELIMINATE the junk. Pop and junk foods contain chemicals that are addictive and interfere with the body's natural abilities to take care of itself. Replace it with fruits and veggies. Your meals should consist of proteins and good carbs- which are fruits, veggies, and whole grain products.  Also, eliminate the margarines and fried stuff. again- very bad for the body and the brains ability to think. It takes a bit of time to get the kids and hubby switched over, but the results are fantastic! Improved health for everyone!

I'm currently using 3 websites for my family: www.mercola.com www.slimbodycoach.com, and www.sparkpeople.com 

Slimbody has a great ebook- you can get it for free-  www.slimbodybook.com/free

sorry- about the wheatgrass- I have no idea, but if you do these other things, they should be getting the better nutrition without getting into  the more "unusual" food stuffs!

Hope this helps, and feel free to email me.  seemural@hotmail.com

I believe in You. You can improve your life! Start today!

Hi there,  although I am not sure about how healthy or safe it is for children to use wheatgrass,  I found this article in WebMd.com that may be of interest to you...I will do a little more searching on this since it does sound very interesting to me also, if I find anything more on this subject I will be sure to let you know...Check this article out:


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Hi Jennie,

I went to a local juice bar the other day and wheatgrass was one of the choices to add to the juices. I also noticed on the menu that there was a chocolate banana shake, so I am guessing that it can be added to shakes as well. Also, if the wheatgrass is in a powder format, it can be added to any types of foods, or so I've heard. As for it being ok for children, i've looked at a few different websites and most seem to say that it is as long as the dosage is half that of an adult, it should be fine. Hope that I was able to help Smile.

yes it can help but dont gave your child much of wheatgrass

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Jenny, There are some great books out there that will help you with your question . One is By Dr. Ann Wigmore on wheatgrass This is a great reference for your concerns. They say that most kids are low in Iron and Chlorophyll which wheatgrass contains both, but it is always wise to consult your Dr. first. I hope this helps

If you still want to add wheatgrass juice into your kids' lives, there is a freeze-dried wheatgrass juice powder supplement specially formulated for children called Sweet Kid. It comes in capsule form which can be swallowed whole or opened to release the powder. The powder can then be mixed into smoothies, water or juice. :) 

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