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I don't know who posted it.  All it said was anonymous.  Thing it, it makes lots of sense.


There is no question that atheists are the most belligerent and obnoxious cult in the history of mankind, but it will help us to be kinder and more sensible with one another if we understand the games that atheists play.  It is a short list, and the games are extremely simple.

  1. Broken record.  When an atheist is clearly wrong, and a rational person has fully discredited him with a faultless logical proof, the atheist automatically defaults to, "The proof isn't good enough."  That game is utterly ludicrous but of course so are atheists.  To resolve that game, drop the written proof at his feet and walk away, having proved the truth far past the games of your atheist opponent.
  2. "I can't understand."  Again, a very simpleminded default, the atheist will say that the answer is "over the top" or some other cliche to that effect.  The answer: show the atheist opponent that he is as uneducated as he appears, and make sure to avoid the use of his patronizing tone.
  3. "Deluded theist."  A standard (and boring) default that fools no one.  We who understand the truth do not suffer delusions, but atheists ignore the truth therefore they suffer crippling delusions and must always remain in their embarrassing delusions.  Solution: walk away, snickering that you got his goat, which in fact you did.
  4. "Christians are unscientific."  That of course is the opposite of default 2.  Atheists are clearly the least rational and least scientific persons who ever lived hence they cannot understand even the very simplest mathematical proof of divine creation -- unless it gets money for the atheist cult.
  5. "Bandwagon scheme."  Atheists like to pretend that all the most admired persons on the planet are atheists when in fact the atheist cult is the most hated gang of misfits that ever went to prison -- and stayed there.  Solution: show documentary evidence of atheist villains chosen at random, and show the full extent of their bloodshed.
  6. "Denial."  The most obvious default of all, atheists always deny the truth when it is not financially profitable for the cult.  Solution: realize that denial games are deliberate and purposeful insults, and that the atheist hoped desperately to goad you to violence for the sake of atheist cult "martyrdom."  It is no more honest than the same Muslim game, where they automatically claim that murderers are "martyrs" if they murdered honest persons.
  7. "Re-argue for a specific response."  Again, a very simpleminded default that is as embarrassing as it is unethical.  Atheists are rigidly programmed to accept only atheist dogma therefore any truthful answer is wrong in their incorrect view.  Solution: leave the mathematical proof with them and assure that the word gets around that everything the atheist believes in is absolutely wrong.  State full particulars and realize that atheists cannot overturn the truth, no matter their Hitlerian lies or intimidation.
  8. "Christians are evil too."  The most obvious game of the bunch, this one is intended to get a concession to atheist lying that might get them financial support for the cult.  Solution: remember that atheists are rigidly indoctrinated, programmed to lie by rote, and must always default back to the standard litany of atheist games.
Tadpole was nasty before but she's getting nastier with worse porn as she goes crazier. I know leftists are bitter and stupid but that's more than decent people are gonna put up with.
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MGySgt Edward S. Renner USMC Thinks this answer is Helpful:

Once again, Harley Spirit has hit the nail directly on the head.  There is scant little to add besides the diosciplinary problems that atheists cause by their games.  That would be obvious at first glance.

The Unknown Philosopher Thinks this answer is Helpful:

Harley Spirit, your list of atheist games is accurate but far from complete. 


For example, one game that atheists default to constantly is to simply walk out of the room when the truth emerges about atheism and its discreditable past. 


Another is to provoke any number of reprisals that they can deliberately escalate.  That is one reason that atheists are not welcome among professionals of any sort.


The fact that atheists play these games makes this extremist cult the most disagreeable cult of fanatics on the planet, hence the least respected -- for good cause.

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