What's name of bright star or planet appears in low west sky soon after sunset in New Jersey ?

In New Jersey sunset in the west, as it gets dark there is a bright Star or planet Looks close which is it and what is it called? I began to notice it around July 7 .

Also anyone know online where I can buy for low price color maps showing the Stars and there names listed below i.d. by the # next to star with name below , Also I like to buy for low reasonably price color pictures of example color picture that Hubble took of the most condense picture of stars and Galaxies ever seen. and or color pictures of planets and Galaxy's, Nebulas? I would hope there must be several online Astronomy web sites selling the above for decent prices. If you know of some let me know. thanks

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If the body you saw was in the west, it's was probably the planet Saturn.  If it was near the moon, it was probably Jupiter.  If it's directly overhead, it's probably the star Vega.

For photos, try www.spaceimages.com


I'd agree with you, but then we'd both be wrong.

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Well I reside in NJ and as mentioned the bright planet was soon seen after  sun set. and this planet shine white was soon seen in the west after sun set . I saw it was bright and huge and bright. I thought must be a planet but which one? I thank you for response.

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The three planets you see in the West are Venus, Mars, and Saturn.

It is Planet Venus,

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