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whats the differences between Catholic and Christian?

Catholics are false Christians.  They are not really Christians, as instead of following Jesus they follow the Pope.  They are Papists and they will go to hell for rejecting the Jesus of the Bible.

Christians are those who were Elect to be Saved, to follow the real Jesus of the Bible, and to end up in Heaven.



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You are wrong in one part of your answer anyhow. Catholics are those who believe in the Revelation of Christ once revealed to the saints, which are recorded in scripture and interpreted and explained by the Bishops in the Seven Ecumenical Councils of the first thousand years! Traditional Catholics are not Papists in that they do not believe in the papacy! Papists are Neo Catholics who follow the tenets of the Council of Trent,quite different things.


As for them going to hell? neither you nor I know that, apart from the fact that Christ gave himself for sinners, I can't see people sufferring for holding the wrong teaching! They might have egg on their face, that's enough for a mistake!


Utter rubbish by laudian.  We do know most of who goes to hell--the Bible tells us!

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