What's Up With this Capricorn Man? Is he Crazy? How To Handle Him

Hi. Recently I started seeing this Capricorn Guy. Allow me to brief you on our history. I met him last year thru my cousin. It was work related. So here I am talking to him about work and the projects needing to be done. I didn't see him as yet... we just spoke over the phone. Now this year, I got my chance to see him. Beautiful. He is a hndsome gut and I just LOVE how he carried himself. I always saw that great ambition in him and this attraccted me to him very much. So anyhoos, now recently while dealing with him (on a business level) I was going thru my own emotional drama. I was ending a 8 year back and forth relationship with an ex. So my Capi came right smack in the middle of that. I was low and was appreciative of the attention that this Capi was giving me. Soon enough I gravitated to that. He's Beautiful I tell you. His body is lean and slender and he is smart and ambitious. He is exactly how I would want my man. I'm a tall girl and he is taller than me... even with heels! Perfect, just perfect. Now here's the problem. He is a ladies man. He looks good and he knows it. When we finally got together- he started handling me as if I was already his wife! When I spoke to him on this... he said, "Now you know the deal. Let's Go." His game playing is a little too much for me. His humor (although funny) is kind of dark. He plays around with me like... like... remember when you were in elementary school and that boy liked you? But before he told you this.. he would stupid stuff like tell dry jokes or push you around or something? Well... this is my Capi. I told him my nerves can't take it. He told me to live life and stop being so whining. Live A little. When we are together- he looks at other woman. Blantly. When I ask him what the hell is up with that he said= "what difference does it make if I look at other woman? My heart is with you. What you want? For me to look at men?" So he continues... irking me and he knows it. Then he gets moody sometimes. I try to make him happy- going for drives, taking walks in the park... he always complain about it but then ends up being happy once we did it. He plays around and dances and act very silly (and I LOVE ALL OF THAT). And funny enough... he does NOT act this way around other people. He is quite, reserve and very brooding. I am surpised and pleased whenever he smiles or laugh! He thanks me for bringing out the laughter in him. For he says he doesn;t do it that often. But it is temparment. He gets angry real quick. He admits to his anger and says that he's been hurt and lied to and shit. I've explained that he is not the only one- so he mustn't behave like Dr. Jekell & Mr Hyde. He got upset with that comment. What the hell was so wrong with that comment? I don't even curse at him. I give him that respect. Although he acts like a high schooler and it bugs the hell out of me at times... I try to remain calm and understanding. I know he likes me. Or does he? He said point blank that he has a bevy of women that he can run with. But he chooses to get to know me. He likes my style and everythng about me... he wants to grow with me. He wants to Grow me. "I gots you." he says. You need a man in the business that you are in (entertainment) and I am that solider for you. So get your head out your ass stop thinking logically anad start thinking with your heart. oh yeah... the way he speaks to much isn't really quite romantic. "Yo'! I like you so get a grip! I'm here aren't I? Stop the bellowing and let's go." and then he would slap my but- hard. Seriously- sometimes I wonder if he is using the pimp to hoe tactics with me. He handles me so, SOOOO aggressively at times and then turn around and be kind. Isn't that a form of abuse? Manipulation?In the short time I've been with him (a month) all of this has happened. He's spent a little under a week at my home. It was nice while he was here (in spite of his up and down ways) and I miss him. He's back down south now at his home and I am in NY. We speak ever day since he left.

OH! Another thing. He gets up set because he says that I go back and forth. One minute I say that I want to be with him and I will function along the wife role that he has placed on me. Then the next minute I say for us to take it slow and what is the rush. This infuriates him. He says that I am giving him a ff--- headache (yeah he curses at me)  and that I need to get a grip. I don't Have a GRIP because how can I say that I am wife after a MONTH of seeing and talking to each other? Is he dangling the marriage stuff cause he knows that this is what I (all women) would eventually want? This is what perplexes me and gets me all confused. 

With his erractic rude behavior... how can I say that he likes me? Let alone love me? Am I a toy to him or what? A recent project?  How can you care for someone and be so rude? I don't want to be a joke in this man's life.

I show him nuff love and he darts spitballs at me. Later thanking me for being me and how he will make me happy. Just shut the f-- up and watch.

As a pisces... I enjoy giving love. But I don't know if I should stick it out and try to give it to him. His arrogance and temperment is getting to me. He heavily goes by What's Good For The Goose isn't always Good for the Gander.

I do see the beautiful potential in him. Or is this my wishful thinking? Help.

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WOW, I've been through the same situation as you. First of all he doesn't respect you at all as a woman. second thing you deserve better, third thing it's impossible to love someone who you have only known for a month, it takes time to get to know each other. Fourth thing, men are very sneaky, he knows what a woman loves to hear, he wants his cake and he wants to eat it too. my advice to you is to proceed slowly and with caution, because he's showing you no respect for your feelings, by eyeing other woman in front of you. try to be careful he could be using you just for sex. remember all the STD's going around including AIDS.

be careful with him , maybe he is playing you , i got a long story but am cuttin itt short, i met my cap man ,we beganning see each other almost everyday then a month later i go to the club he pretends he dont know me and walks past me, mad at me, he went to the back , and was dancing with some other the whle night as i sat alone ,then he left with the girl and u know .. so i left with a guy that was there for me, when he wasnt , anyways turns out he was playing me for 2 months okay , i sinced somethign not right but i saw for my self that night when he left with the girl but he wanted me still ofcourse, next thing im pregnate with his kid . my so called bf . then he denying him the whole time. anyways , he went out 1 night he was suppose to come to my house but he he was at the bar drinking ,ok fine then later he went to the club  he wouldnt pick up the phone, we were fightin, i found out he went to da club cause i found a paper braclet and confronted him ,he wouldnt have said nothin, then i see a new girls name in his phone . i erased that ,   he didnt come to my house till 4 i n the morning , i went to his house the next day , i saw a condum in the bathroom trash , he said it was his roomates . he had 2 guys livin with him, but i dont believe him cause he had a stack of condoms and we didnt use them at the time .he says they for when after i have da baby so i dont get pregnate , but we never used them i bought new ones now ,  i dont believe his story about how the girl was just a old friend and he took her # cause she offered . it to stay in touch    okay will we been together for over a year , we got our baby , which i did a paternity test for because he was dening his son,i payed todo it cause i couldnt take it no more ,him acting crazy, throwning think , breaking things,  after my csection he even pushed me and bent my hands cAuse we were fighting ,ofcourse i him him back, he also ripped my other kids pictures n my baby pictures n stuff ...   so after i proved he was his father he stopped actin crazy for a bit ... then we fight alot , he gets mad , he is so insulting , i can also be the same way,  i block the door, i tell him, i with his kid all week , he need to watch it to , i tired but he tries to leave i block the dr , he punches da door alot, then he throws somethine ,i still not scared , he punches me inmy knee, left a  nice big bruise , so i punch him alot of times ,push him , punch his balls,  he takes it cause he know he wrong ,  anyways i dont let him by still ,he gives up ,   then maybe 1/2 hour later he leaves ,i call he dont pick up, i leave with my kids , take them out , come back he not there,  i call alot of times he wont pick up,  he comes at 12am drunk ,then i mad he leaves again ,i call he wont pick up ,he comes at 5am , i mad cause he dont pick up n i with our baby all week n weekend again,  while hes out n i home on da weekend, so i slap him in the face  cause he comes at 5am drunk n dont pick up da phone n had me worried ,he leaves again n dont come back to 1am da next day i said, where were u, he say nextdoor at his friend house that he was drinking with all night , he didnt bring his phone so i couldnt call him ,  i dont belive he was just drinkin with his friend at the bar n there house , all this time ..he tells me he is not cheating n he says i need to believe him i told him i will pay for a lie detector teat he says no  , only if we get married then he will do it but he want me to believe him hewont do it right now  but i want him to. for my own sanity ,it could sAVE OR BREAK UP DA RELATIONSHIP , I WANT THE TRUTH  I HAVE ALOT OF QUESTIONS n im da girl thats gonna find out n not put up with not knowin for sure

  anyways he selfish but also can be sweet , it HARD to understand him , he got 2 sides, sometimes he grumpy n gets me mad cause he in a bad mood n i tryin to sit next to him n dont want me to .  sometimes i see he look at other girls, i right there, i say what u doin, he says i just lookin around , i say u were checkin her out he says no i just lookin at people , yeah right ...............   so rude so now i am doin the same thing .. he dont like i do what he do to me , but why he do it then, he selfish n self centered ,on my birthday we fighting he call his ex girlfriend at 3 am and i right there , he wanted to get me mad then he hung up on her when he thought that she thought he wanted her and he dont , he didnt get me nothin on mothers day , or valentines day , his ex use to text him o nhis new phone , he says his friends gave her his number , maybe maybe not i dont know ,,  theres why to much more to say but i dont wann write my life , u get da picture, i aint sayin  i perfect either sure its 50 50 ,there is good things about him to i cant explain the whole story so maybe i leve out a couple things , to much to write u know but   a girl can only try so hard before she give up i think ya man is so wrong for treating u that why  , i just wanted u to know that my man is similiar  , i dont know ,i reALLY want the baby to have his daddy in his life, i just dont know if i can stand him forever, when it good its great but when we fight forget it he a jerk,i dont really think he cheatin on me but i cant be so sure and  the way he acts he dont respect me like i should be respected ,    i tryin to work things out but he dont ever seem like he cares how i feel , i try to tell him what bothers me about this relationship all da time but he blows it off like its nothin  AND this is whats causin all the problems  i was the 1 to always showed i cared more if somethign bothered him i wanted to fix it but he dont care  he tries but it just aint enough  he says i love u but words aint nothin his actions dont show it  as much as they should , i dont need a answer really i think i already know my answer but i just want other people to know there are other capricorn men like theres out there   if u got any comments or questions ill try to answer it more better n be more specific sorry for da mess i just wanna finish typing fast

Don't walk, RUN! Stay away from this rude, disrespectful, controlling, manipulative, sick man.  i KNOW THE TYPE OF MAN THIS IS.  I WAS MARRIED TO ONE FOR 19 YEARS. He managed to brainwashed me all those years that i was worthless and should so be ever so greatful to get any leftovers of attention, money, his time, after he repeatly cheated on me with other females.  He never let me forget that I was charity case for him and if I didn't toe the line, There would be of other woman to take my place.  I was trapped in a marriage because of the children and family committments.  Don't let this man trip you into marrying, get you pregnant, seclude you from family and friends and use all of your money for his never ending pursuits or hunger power and control.  Don't fall for the excuses and lies that he has to court "his clients" and neglect you so he can work.  A man like this will slowly bit by bit erode every little bit of self respect you have of yourself that you feel that only solution from his overbearing and underhanded dealings, or rampant rages when he can wants you to step up his intense need for admiration or feelings or greatness.  A capricorn man at the beginning start out as sheep but quicky once they've charmed you and they've figured out how to control you they start to exert their exhaustive demands on you and categorize and label you.  This man will use you! and abuse you and when he feels you can no longer serve his purpose, he will cast you asside like any old thinG.  NOW ASK YOURSELF?  do you want to live with a life full of drama, hardship, unhappiness for the rest of your life?    Don't make the mistake i did.  I maybe be alive to type this today, but i am totally worned down, blind in one eye, teeth broked, scared all over my body, my credit ruined, my life ruined.  I forgot how many times i wish i would just die in one of beatings to end my misery, because his psychological warfare was intense.  Don't mistake a capricorns man ambition for lust, and jeolousy of what other people may have and he doesn't.  When he didn't meet his desires for materials items to meet the status quo he became extremely angry and would start blaming me as to why he couln't achieve his dreams when in truth people didn't want to give the opportunity to hurts others if he ever got into position of authority. 

Sweetie, you cannot date a man for his potential, you have to date him for the who and what that he is right now.  Wishful thinking will only ruin you in the end.  Salvage what you can of this, a friendship pershaps, but it really depends on what you are willing to sacrifice, and what you are willing to tolerate.  This man may care for you, but he has his childish insecurities that allow him to toy with your emotions to make himself feel better.  A man ready for love would not do this.  You must stand up emotionally to this man, and seek what you want.  If your needs are not being met, if you have addressed them, and if it does not change, you will have to move on for your own happiness.  Wishing you much love, but remember you must first love yourself. 

I am a cap woman, and I can tell you that this is not normal behavior for a cap man. I too am inlove with a cap man, and he has never treated me this way. I would check his sign and  make sure he is not in the cusp.  He may be displaying the traits of another sign. I can tell you this... A cap man wants a strong independant woman and one that admires him. You have to be strong and take none of his crap. Believe me walking away from a cap will send him reeling. He may not let you know it at first, but it WILL change is attitude toward you. He may see you as a weak meek woman. You need to show him that your not. As caps we are all moody. That's just something that being with our sign you have to learn to deal with.  We are respectful and do not go out of our way to hurt anyone's feelings.  We can be very honest, but sounds to me that he thinks he has you over a barrel. Don't let him get a way with it. The most important to a cap man is that they are not with a winey women, but a strong one, and above all a woman who respects herself enough not to talke his crap. If you can do this, then you will calm him down, and have him eating out of your  hands. Dealing with a cap is about undertanding him.

Need advice please! For the first several years my Capricorn guy was soooooo sweet, roses and flowers for every occasion, expensive romantic dinners, etc. I am a Pisces woman so all that is heaven to me, now we are married 3 or 4 years (lost count because he makes me feel like it's not worth counting anymore), this man drives me nuts, one moment he hugs me and makes me feel loved but next moment he treats me like sh*t! He does treat me like a charity case at times even if he is at fault! ie. I should feel "lucky" that he decides to return home even though he is the one who several times abandon my child and I out of the blue! I hate him for what he has put me through yet I love him for his good Cap qualities like him being witty, funny, my daughter adores him! etc. it's real weird one moment he's dancing all silly next moment he's like the devil on its period! It's never been this extreme before! He claims he wants a divorce yet when he feels like it he will try to sweet talk me or tell me he will "make it up" to me but if I joke around with him but it hurts his feelings, there goes his broken promise! and he's not apologetic for any turmoil he has put me through! It's like nothing happened when he decides to be sweet again then back to the devil again! He's like a crazy but charming controlling but irresistible person! Advice please! Don't want a divorce but am wondering if it is worth my sanity to try to cater to this person's ever changing extreme moods! Help please!

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