What's an appropriate Christmas gift in a new relationship?

I've only been going out with my current girlfriend for about a month, so I'm kind of having trouble deciding where that puts me for getting a gift.  We both definitely really like eachother and connect, but I'm afraid of possibly coming off either too strong (jewelry, for example) or, on the other end of things, seeming that I don't care enough for her to get something more extravagant.  Can anyone help me out here?

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I think a really good idea would be getting tickets to a concert or play, something that you both would really enjoy.  You could make it into a sort of creative/thoughtful date... this would be a great opportunity to show that you care about the relationship, that you put thought into what you wanted to get for her, and that you wanted to do something in which you could continue to get to know each other better. 

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Hi. I asked a similar question on Yedda lately and got some great suggestions. Check it out


something that is not epensive of course.. something intelligent.. something she can use.. get her a book... a cd or smthing

i myself am in the same situation. i got the a set of jammies, a joyrnal that will allow for him to also draw, he is an artis. i have 5 weeks in on this relationship, if you listen you will ge some great clues

I ended up getting her a cool scarf at a funky little shop.  Seems to be the kind of style she likes.


Thanks to all who answered! 

I ran across this website that gives a decent guide. http://relationshipchaos.org/2008/12/01/new-relationship-christmas-gift-buying-guide/

My gf and i have been dating 4months but are madly in love so I don't know how much to spend.

Hey PassingStranger ,

You can gift him an ipod, mp3, dvd's or cd's he like or how about an ultimate game card since online games are popular among teens. It will just cost 10-20$ but gives access to 200 games, worlds and ability to purchase premium goods. He will really like it. Or you can just give a lovely greeting card.

Girls usually like sentimental gifts.  Along with jewelery it might be nice to create a photo book.  Photo books are inexpensive but do take some time to create.  Over all it becomes an amazing gift that she well never forget.  If you interested you can use ZA30 to save 30% on all photo books from smilebooks.com .

I think  Godinger Silver-Plated Jewelry Box with Rose  Godinger and Godinger Silver Plated 4X6 Frame with Crystal Rose   together great Cristmas gift for your girlfriend.

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