Whats my antique oil lamp worth?

I have an antique glass oil lamp, that was told to me to be a mid 1800 english whaling ship lamp. It stands about 7 inches high is shaped like an egg with a "C" shaped handle that goes from the top of the body of the lamp to the bottom. It's multi colored, torquise green, blue and white (slitely swirled) with a clear base.It's hand blown, as it sits a little lopsided. If anyone can tell me any more info. on it and hopefully what its possible worth is I'd appreciate it.My email address is  afreakinga@aol.com I've owned it for 20 years and have NEVER seen another lamp even closely resembling it.

Thank you


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look it up on E-Bay, you may be suprised Wink.   Good Luck,   BLESSINGS

What comes around, goes around, full circle. Love your neighbor as you love yourself. It'll all fall into place. This too shall pass. I'm too Blessed to be stressed.

sounds beautiful. It's probably dates back to the 1870s-1880s. Is the bracket similar to this one  http://www.rubylane.com/shops/cachetantiques/item/785 ? It may be milk glass which was popular for oil lamps at the time. Prices vary but they can be worth several hundred dollars depending on style and materials used.

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