Whats the problem here? is it me. . . . am i crazy or something

well here's the thing my ex is dating someone I know and she mite end up becoming part of the family in a couple years and so the thing is she texts me about breaking up with him cause he cheated on her and he apparently wanted to date around b4 he decided he wanted to be with her and she said at the time she didnt want him back but loved him and all and now they r back 2gether after only 3 weks but she said that I was right about him bein a jerk and all cause alot of the stuff that he was doin with her was the same when I dated him. . . .whats wrong with that picture? anyway I dont know why but a couple weeks before that he literally ran into me at the store & i swear it was on purpose cause I didnt see him but he saw me and decided to follow me into the canned food isle then was back home by the time we left and his girl had the gaul to say it was bound to happen. . .weird huh. . .but  I still have feeligs for him & think of him even though my family hates him and i am married now I don't know what to do about it cause they r talkn about getting married and if that happens and her sis marries into the family like planned then I would see him more than I really want to and would be awkward . . . . HELP ME I think iam going crazy. . . .

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I don't understand why are you living in the past.  You were in close relations with him but it is over.  It belongs to the past.  You are married now and should delete all the feelings from the past.  If he'lll become part of your enlarged family and that means you'll see him more often all you'll ahve to do is say a nice "Hi, how are you ?" and find someone else to talk or be with (Don't stay with him even not 1 minute !).  Always remember that you did nothing wrong.  You were in close relations but it was in the past before you got married.  It is normal and happends to many of us.  Nothing is wrong with that and there is no reason to be ashamed of it.  So what's the problem ?  (unless you feel that you are attracted to him madly and you won't be able to stand close to him, or see him with someone else [as it will "kill" you].  If that is the case you are in a deep trouble and I highly recommend that you'll see see an experiences psychologist). 

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If you love your present husband and can afford to move away from the situation, that would help you out.  Miles away, you would not be going home as often as you do now.  Therefore you would not run into the ex you still have feelings for.  Think about moving away with your present husband so the temptation won't be there so often...or....level with your husband and have him help you through this awkward situation.  If your family gatherings mean more to you than your present husband, then you are behaving in a very immature way, and in for a long and very disappointing life.    Just because you think you still have feelings for the ex, does not mean you actually do.  It could just be lusting after him sexually.  Remember, that ex of yours is a proven cheater.  Why jump back into that tar pit?

thanks to the ppl who answered

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