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Michele Bachmann lambasted President Barack Obama's foreign policy as his presidency's "worst act" in an interview Sunday on CNN, saying that critiques of it may open the door to effective attacks by ...

What a stupid board with ignorant answers .


Who thought this UP ?

Life is a test
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beardog 1

OBAMAS  worst act was his  failure to  try Bush and his goons for war crimes .

Bill Thinks this answer is Not Helpful:

Again, dfrogpong (a.k.a. Beardog1) your delusions and political cult programming only place you and all who side with you in deepening discredit.  If you cannot stick to the truth, then can your lies help you?


Leftist fantasy will not help you advance any political agenda. 

Anonymous Comment

Bill, as you have seen, there is no use trying to reason with Tadpole or her 200 screen names including Beardog1.  They all sound exactly alike, are utterly racist, absolutely selfish, and reek of stupidity.

Bill Thinks this answer is Not Helpful:

I will admit that Tadpole/QOTD stuck her foot in her mouth repeatedly before, but never worse than this time. 


Still it is a fair question and rational persons answered it with fact that is unimpeachable -- unlike Obama.

Anonymous Comment

In my opinion, if you don't like what others are saying or the questions thereof then your not obliged to hand around beardog1.. Go'way. 

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