What's new on THE VIEW TV show? Are any of the "regular posters" still around? flo

what's new on THE VIEW TV show? Are any of the "regular posters" still around?  flo

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where are the regular posters from POP CULTURE boards hiding?

I am missing the discussions on movies, tv shows, etc.  flo

It is what it is!

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Check in your TV's menu to see if you have the picture mode and size and all set up right for HD. All I can tell you. I have a SONY Bravia and I've been totally happy with it. But if your settings are off, it can do strange things. If you still have your user's manual, check to see the recommended ...

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Learn to speak English. No one knows what the hell you're asking.

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GOTO www.Google.com and put in the exact model number and you should be sent to 'hits' that will give you prices

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