Whatresort spa in st lucia offers Shared Moments treatment rooms for couples?

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Answered: Camouflage clothing in St Lucia

Camouflage clothing is illegal in St. Lucia. For more information about St. Lucia you can go here .

Answered: St. Lucia souvenirs

Thanks, I thought of that but I need it for Christmas and don't know anyone traveling their.

Answered: I would like to know if holders of nigerian passport require visa to

Yes you do. See this link for further information.

Answered: My wife has a green card from U.S. Does she need VISA to go to St. Lucia

Because you didn't mention where your wife was born, I am unable to answer your question. However, if you go to this web site , it is the official web site of Saint Lucia, and it deals with everything having to do with visas. If you need any additional information let me know.

Answered: How to run spa cheaply

There are some important point to be taken care of for running SPA like water chemistry, restrooms and shower facilities, Backflow Prevention, Safety Equipment, Signs, Fittings, Operation Records (Records must be kept for one year), Filtration and Treatment Systems, Spa Temperature, and Access ...

Answered: Has anyone been to St Lucia in the Caribbean and if so, what did you

An itinery can easily be made up of things to do to fill a week. . .such as a visit to the sulpher springs for say, 7.30am . . . the beneficial bath beneath the bridge only gets hotter as the day gets long but what an invigorating start to the day!! This should be followed by Brunch/lunch from a ...
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