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Whate is a " NANOPHGES "

What is a " Nanophage "

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"Phages" are microscopic or macroscopic machines, usually with one specific task, constructed by successively smaller generations of very small machines. 

Marcophages are robots that are small enough to be injected under the skin and do one specific job.  Veterinary ID chips in your pets are one variety of macrophage.  Another is the macrobot, currently under development to construct microphages.

Microphages are a generation smaller than macrophages and are still under development.  To be practical, they would have to be smaller and have a higher power-to-weight ratio than any other machine ever developed.

Nanophages are still quite hypothetical, in that they would be specially constructed molecules constructed with the assistance of microphages.  Again, they are still theoretical, but the theory may have merit.

Petaphages would be subatomic particles used to construct exotic atoms.  Their function and usage are still entirely hypothetical.

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MIT did quite a bit of work on micros in the seventies and eighties.  They developed a TV camera with a microphone that can be mounted on an ordinary wire and run through the femoral artery into the heart. 

Their product, developed in 1979, allowed placement of a coil stent that expanded inside a partially blocked coronary artery, restoring blood flow without the need for more traumatic surgery.

Microphages are quite the development.  We owe quite a bit to MIT for having invested the time and effort to develop them.

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