What year was the song gee wiz popular?

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Answered: How do you know its over The Song Who sings it ?

"The Song" is indeed over, Tadpole. Where is your hippie rebellion? They disbanded in 1975. Where are your "Underground Revolutionaries?" They're all in prison. Where are your "Occupier" fanatics? In adjoining cells. Where are your "Secular Humanists?" In mental hospitals. The song you sang is ...

Answered: 70's song gotta get up to get down get your booty on the floor

Might be a couple different ones. The first one is from 1971, the late great Harry Nilsson. The other one I recall is by Coolio. (not my fav) See comments

Answered: Who wrote the song

Robert Meredith Willson (with 2 L's).

Answered: Popular wyoming forests

the Kaibob national forest lands

Answered: I love the korean air commercial.who's song is that?name of artist or

Luna Seeds - Compassion http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aSGGeOz1CZM
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