what year was the gas price at .75 cents?

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Answered: Gas prices need to come down

I hope gas price for every vehicle goes down to 0 :)

Answered: Can gas stations legally charge $2.00 more a gallon to use your credit

According to the law here, they can't charge a higher price for using credit, but they can give a discount for cash.

Answered: What's the lowest gas price you've seen?

Well in Queens New York it was $4.00 gal..but the Dow Jones was up 56+points.. Sweet G

Answered: Why have Gas Prices Skyrocketed in the past 4-years?

Another day and night of Rocmike doing nothing but posting his sick disturbing porn. Posting questions that nobody answers on. Posting under aliases that everyone ignores. He has posted under Harley Spirit, Philo Manke, Yedja, Snicker anonymous and anonymous. Isn't this loser getting tired of being ...

Answered: What are the best UK websites for finding out the best electricity and

Check out these two sites. http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/gas-and-electricity-tools http://www.theenergyshop.com/getHomePage.do;jsessionid=87DC1B7B6FC76EC4B258ACC7988CCF3B

Answered: What is the gas price at your store

Gas prices in the Queens NY area 11356 Regular $2.82 cheapest
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What year cigarettes sell for fifty cents a package?

In my part of town it was in the mid to late 1970's and they were 49¢ a pack.. I know because I worked at a major convenience store/fuel station and had to stock up on extra pennies every day.

Why 10 per cent not getting sales ready

Your question or statement is confuseing.

Fox 35 news orlando Why is it that all news medias are quick to talk

Not to mention how the very day there's unrest in the middle east, prices go up here

Spiked gas price

Hi, I believe it comes down to 2 reasons: 1. Demand vs supply. 2. Uncertainty about steady contonuous uninterupted supply. Best regards,