what year did they start putting 12 volts in a ford tractor?

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Answered: Where do I find the year of a ford tractor it's a 50s wheat model

1950's Fords came with tow-behind and push combines but they were only up to 8' wide. All the Ford combines mounted the data tags on the back of the sickle bar, near the auger pan on the left. They had a bad habit of coming off. International uses a rotary bar cutter instead of a sickle bar ...

Answered: 3813 honda lawn tractor

If it has a 'foam' gas filter - remove it & dip it in a little gasoline & squeeze it several times to get the dirt & sludge out. Also, I put a litle STP gas treatment in my gas tank to clean out the fuel system to clean out any water or condensation or trash. You might end up needing to remove ...

Answered: Cannot start AOL

What version of AOL and what version of operating system? The latest is AOL Desktop 9.7 which should work with Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8 if you have at least Internet Explorer 7. AOL 10.1 was abandoned several years ago; it says it should work with Windows Vista but it might not work with ...

Answered: 8N ford Tractor Starter spins but bendix do not engage. This is converted

Chances are you fried the whole electrical system when you put in that new alternator and battery. Ford N came with 4, 6, and 8 volt systems. You have three windings in the starter. The stator windings, rotor windings in the starter, and the thinner relay wires in the bendix. If you put 12 V on ...

Answered: Condoms For 12-Year-Olds:

Better than 12-year-old pregnancy. Some cultures have girls as young as eight years old marry. They "consummate" immediately, the guy divorces her the next day, and then turns her out into the street as a prostitute. Talk about a culture that has gone absolutely reprobate.
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How do i find year of my new holland tc 30 tractor ?

Best thing to do is load your tractor onto your trailer and haul it in to the NH dealer closest to you. TC-30 ain't that big a tractor, but it will do most jobs on small places. NH goes back to the Remington Corp. in 1964. So, if you have a NH from before then, it will be yellow and green, maybe ...

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On eBay - but they're not cheap. I wish I knew how to get round paying through the nose for one! I've just set up my 400W (nominal) 12v turbine & it's going great guns right now, but I still haven't sourced a dedent 12v immersion heater. If you find one at a more reasonable price - let me know, as I ...

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Hi George: So I can better assist you, could you please provide me with additional information? Thank you.

6 volt to 12 volt converter

Check here. Best price I've found on 6V to 12V converters. http://www.classicindustries.com/truck/parts/tk1210c.html