what year did jay z released his first music album?

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Answered: Have you heard the new Eagles album? Is it good?

I heard it last week and it sounds ...... well ...... like the Eagles It sounds like they've never been away which is either a good thing or a bad thing depending on how you like your favorite bands to develop as time goes by. I would give it three stars out of five. Not bad - lots more Eagles type ...

Answered: I have some old original Elton John albums for sale. Are you interesred

i am sorry but i wish i could. i really like the john and his music.

Answered: What music bands released their new albums online ...

Look for alternative music at http://www.villamusicrights.com

Answered: Two dead blue jays found in backyard

Dead birds could have West Nile virus. Your county vector control might be interested.

Answered: Songs by Jay-Z and Eminem?

Jay-Z and Eminem - Renegade Jay-Z and Eminem - Syllables Any hip-hop related questions feel free to hit me up here .
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Arctic Monkeys-Favourite worst nightmare