what year did it snow in May in Columbus ohio?

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Answered: I live in Columbus, Ohio and used to take ...

I have rhuematoid arthritis and fibro myalgia which is quite painful to just live and breath, 7 yrs ago i decided to find a pain drug that doesnt dope me up and provides adequate relief so i can live a nd have a normal life, I take suboxone and it is also used to help addicts but was created first ...

Answered: Chippendales dancers columbus ohio 1986-1994

I worked Security detail for part of the '86 national tour, with the Chicago-based group. Will need to do some digging, but I do have a list of the dancer's names and some pics.

Answered: Where can I purchase smoked sable, kippered salmon and lox in

Ducktrap River of Maine makes the absolute best smoked Sable and smoked salmon along with many other gourmet smoked seafoods. They have retailers & distributors all over; Michaels Finer Meats carries their items. You can contact Michaels to get any of the Ducktrap Smoked seafood items. Thier number ...

Answered: C.Windsor 3989 N.High St Columbus Ohio

You might try searching www.facebook.com or www.zabasearch.com . Good luck!

Answered: I Divorced my Husband 2 years ago and we are still ...

You had better head to the Justice of the Peace, there is no common law in the state of Ohio. Divorce is just that when it comes to the great divide, there will be no commonality of personal property, or tangables so you need to get serious about staying together till death do you part.
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Why are there no Monarchs in NE Ohio yet this summer

I reckon Michelle hasn't visited yet.


During winter season some parts of California are covered with snow. Lake Tahoe area get the most.

When will we get are first snow in columbus ohio?

You mean when did we get the first snow in Columbus, Ohio? It was Nov. 23th 1812 and measured just 0.10 inches.

What year had most snow 03060

I think Bob defined the zip code 03060 which is Nashua NH. The highest snowfall between 1995 and 2007 (unofficial) was 1995-1996 with 135 inches, more than double the season average.