What would snorting risperidone do for you?

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Answered: "crystal clean" safe to snort ?

If you don't mind brain damage and destroyed sinuses and nasal tissues, go head on. Why not get some gold paint and be a huffer while you're at it?

Answered: What is this new crystal clean hookah cleaner ??

You may find your answer on http://cloud-hookah.com/

Answered: Do you get high off of risperidone?

This is an antipsychotic drug and effects brain chemistry and operation and most of the 'why' of any mental prescription is little understood as the brain is the one thing science/medicine have yet to figure out how it all works. It's a very powerful drug with many side effects including ...

Answered: Snorting coke 10-20 years ago - should I be jogging now?

Age? Weight? Medical conditions, including arthrits? Current medications? Loose pit bulls in the neighborhood?

Answered: Is snorting adipex more effective?

I believe so, I have had my adipex prescription for over 4 months and could not take it. It made me way to gittery. I was drinking some wine today and decided what the hay and tried snorting it. I am a lot less gittery and it doesn't last as long. They say for women, that they turn to cocaine or ...

Answered: Can u crush up tylonol3 and snort it

Makes my sinuses hurt just thinking about it.
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What happens when you snort seconal?

Your nose will start bleeding and you wil feel the worst burning sensation in your nose. You might OD. It is this class of drugs (barbs, pentobarbital) that doctors use in doctor assisted suicide. In other words, HELL NO!!!!!

Is my friend snorting oxycotin

Having only taken Oxycotin as a prescribed mediation directly after knee replacement surgery, I can offer no meaningful answer to your question. Like you I read the meritous information sent to you by both Janissa10 and Cheatedon. If I were you based on what they said you may have started a "FIRE ...

What does it mean when a dogs snorts?

He's either a real dangerous critter, suffering from a congestional condition or he's in rem sleep..

Can you snort tranxene 7.5 mg tablets?

First of all I think you are an idiot if you snort any type of medication. You need to take it the way your doctor prescribes it. I did research this for you and found the following links. http://www.bluelight.ru/vb/archive/index.php/t-39143.html http://books.google.com/books?id=jyXxmyysU7gC ...