what would nancy pelosi's pension be if she left congress?

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Answered: Should Nancy Pelosi Resign?

La Pelosi Flees Tax Increase Wars; Jets to Oslo For Nobel Ceremony Nancy Pelosi's ride - the only thing missing is an Oslo or Bust sign. Your tax dollars at work. (Planet Washington ) — House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will take a break from the tax cut wars Friday to head to Oslo, Norway, for ...

Answered: What is Nancy Pelosi up to? She is an idiot!

It's obvious that either Leon Panetta, Obama's head of the CIA, or Nancy Pelosi, his party's Speaker of the House, has to go. No administration can tolerate a permanent, public civil war between two such high-ranking officials. Especially when their disagreement stems not from issues of policy but ...

Answered: Where can I get answers to what Nancy Pelosi is paid in her benefits

Congressional Favorability Ratings Most Voters Still Don’t Like Pelosi House Speaker Nancy Pelosi remains America’s best-known – and least-liked - congressional leader, according to a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey. Fifty-seven percent (57%) of U.S. voters have an unfavorable ...

Answered: Huckabee.com wrote poem read may 17 2009 about Nancy Pelosi

I saw him recite it on TV last night, but what is your question?????

Answered: Is Nancy Pelosi Being Honest?

Who Paid for Pelosi’s Party? As we reported earlier this week, Nancy Pelosi planned to hold a special reception on Capitol Hill this afternoon to celebrate the “accomplishments” of the 111th Congress. So who footed the bill for the event? According to Politico , the outgoing House Speaker‘s ...

Answered: Is Nancy Pelosi Contradicting Herself?

Ouch: Dem Rep. Gene Taylor Says He Agrees With Newt Gingrich, Pelosi Should “Walk Away”… Another swift kick to Pelosi’s fragile ego… Mississippi Rep. Gene Taylor (D) urged Speaker Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) to follow the example of Newt Gingrich and “walk away” from her leadership role ...
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I worked for Bullock's dept. store in the 60's how can I fined out if

There was probably a requirement that you had to work there for some number of years (maybe 5 or 10 years) before being eligible for a pension. If you were eligible for a pension, you should have gotten an annual statement from them about pension funding. But you might have moved. Bullock's was ...

What Motivates Nancy Pelosi?

Nancy Pelosi hopes still has hopes of making the cover of Playboy.


I would try e-mailing her at her office.