what would happen if both florida state and ohio state lose this week?

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Answered: Is Jim Tressel Leaving Ohio State?

Ohio State Athletic Director Gene Smith, tweeted from his verified twitter.com Jim Tressel: Is The Coach Leaving Ohio State that these rumors started by Chicago now are completely false

Answered: Can you lose 20 pounds in a week and actually keep it off?

there is no way that u can lose 20lbs in a week and it be healthy

Answered: Ohio State v. Florida

Oh well ... not Ohio State. Does anyone have any thoughts about the game, or about Florida's place in history? Is Florida one of the greatest teams of all time?

Answered: What is happen in florida are they haven a wore

A war? In Florida? Noooo, I don't believe so... are you referring to any incident in particular? What part of Florida concerns you the most?
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