What would a human/lion hybrid look like?

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Answered: Is Honda Misleading About the Hybrid?

I don't think they're what they're advertised...YET. I think they can be, but the technology is new and has room for a great deal of improvement. Until a hybrid or any other alternate energy vehicle can smoke the tires, perform and have the range of a normal car, I for one don't want one.

Answered: Can a auto be updated to a hybrid

Of course you can convert a vehicle into a hybrid thermal adding an electric motor and batteries. However, this is quite a long process. In my opinion it would be better to buy a pure electric vehicle, in the market today we have not only electric car electric cars but also electric machines for ...

Answered: What is the future of hybrid cars since they have found the UN scientists

Regardless of global warming, which I don't believe in anyway, we are going to run out of oil if we keep using it at the rate we are now. And there are many things manufactured from oil which are far more important than driving. I'm not a green person, and I happen to love driving, but the future is ...
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