what would a dentist prescribe dexamethasone sodium phosphate for?

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Answered: Are there any current lawsuits against the company that makes

Hi Lori, Did you ever get off Dexamethasone. If used over 3 weeks at doses over 1.5 mgs a day it atrophies the adrenal glands and may cause death from muscle atrophy. My wife had a GBM brain tumor victim died from it and I am goijng to a lawyer to try and save others. Please advise, Terry 1-800 ...

Answered: Low sodium how to avoid it

a salty daily diet is usually recommended for people showing signs of low blood pressure . This helps with increasing sodium levels in the body which in turn helps with blood pressure.

Answered: Need reference on dentist

I spoke personally with Dr. Edwina Johnson at (405)-840-5410 on Thursday. She has a great popular practice and has been in business at the same address for 25 years. If your grand mother decides to make an appointment please mention my name Haynes Darlington (pharmD) cs33ca M. Sc. PharmD www ...

Answered: Good dentist???

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Answered: Dentist that charges only what insurance will cover in nj

Dentist's fees are controlled by the code on their fee structure set up by the ODA. A dentist may not be a member and can charge what ever he/she wishes. In fact many dentists will work for free to a patient in dire need. cs33ca M.Sc. PharmD

Answered: What is the difference between a Sedation Dentist and a normal one?

Sedation dentistry is a term used to describe a method in which a trained sedation dentist will use one of a variety of sedation techniques to relax a patient before and during a dental procedure.and normal dentist can be an intimidating and frightening experience. For more details about the ...
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What is a ,acceptable amount for your daily sodium intake?

Sodium is VERY bad for anyone's blood pressure. It increases blood pressure. The American Heart Association (AHA) recommends an amount of 2300mg of sodium per day. Most Americans have a 5400mg per day sodium intake - 134% above the recommended daily limit. High diastolic blood pressure is also ...

Some children have this fear of the dentist ...

Children? Hell, I'm 60 and i'm STILL terrified of dentists.